Tax Law Services

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Our approach is practical, strategic and collaborative. 

EY Law Limited (EY Law) lawyers have diverse backgrounds in the private and public sector, in New Zealand and overseas, and are experienced in acting both for and against Inland Revenue.
Through our close working relationship with professionals in EY, we can take a broad and commercial view of tax disputes and advice.  This differentiates the focus of EY Law tax practice from other tax legal practices.

We are instructed on many of New Zealand’s major tax disputes, with our experienced teams taking matters beyond the formal dispute phase, through to discovery and litigation.
Our approach to managing tax disputes focuses not only on the tax period in dispute, but also on obtaining certainty around tax risk.

Many taxpayers do not want to progress their tax cases to court for reputational reasons. We have an impressive record of efficiently resolving tax disputes with Inland Revenue before litigation, negotiating pragmatic taxpayer-friendly settlements based on our thorough understanding of the tax, accounting and commercial outcomes, while maintaining confidentiality.

While our focus is primarily on tax disputes and litigation, we also give tax legal advice on contentious tax issues and tax structuring.  And we are experienced in providing advice and help in tax risk mitigation, tax corporate governance and tax transparency, the latter recently becoming a focus for both New Zealand and multinational clients. 

We work with EY Law clients to confirm their governing documents reduce the risk of incorrect tax positions being taken, and that tax risk is managed throughout the organisation.

EY Law services:

  • Helping you achieve tax certainty with tax corporate governance, transfer pricing documentation, competent authority requests, binding rulings and voluntary disclosures.
  • Helping you manage the audit process, and advising you on document management and retention strategies.
  • Helping you to respond to audit queries and formal information requests issued by Inland Revenue.
  • Advising you on litigation and settlement strategies and negotiations.
  • Providing you with effective representation before the courts and tribunals throughout the tax litigation process

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